Sofia Coppola’s Christmas Special gets its cast


Sofia Coppola is doing a Christmas Special? Yes she is. With Bill Murray, no less. Announced in the fall of 2014, the project went radio silent for quite awhile, but today a curious cast has been revealed.

George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph will join Bill Murray, and confirmed today, they will all play themselves. The special will follow Murray as he tries to avoid an intrusive Hollywood figure who wants to represent him, although Murray is famous for is detachment from Hollywood, as he doesn’t have an agent or a manager. We don’t know much more about the project, but it will include carols sung by (some) of the actors. I’m crossing my fingers for a “Wrecking Bells” duet between Cyrus and Murray. 

While we usually don’t cover TV news, it feels necessary to talk about this project, if only because it’s Sofia Coppola’s next project. Also, with a cast like this it will no doubt be a important talking point throughout the year. 

(via: Indiewire