Sofia Vergara in talks to join The Three Stooges


Earlier we reported on the news that Sean Hayes would be playing as Larry Fine in the upcoming Three Stooges film. With Larry already found and Will Sasso set to play Curly, logically the next bit casting news would have to be about Moe, right? Well today we have a name, and that name is … Sofia Vergara? That’s an eccentric choice.

Empire Online gives word that she will not be taking on the role of Moe Howard, but rather she’ll be playing a femme fatale (that makes more sense) in the upcoming Three Stooges flick. She set to star in the second vignette which involves a “femme fatale who claims to be the wife of a dying man and aims to seduce the trio into offing him so she can pocket his money”. Dark stuff for a PG movie, but given Sofia’s greatness in Modern Family, I’m sure she can pull it off.

Now I’m sure this would be the part in which you’d expect me to objectify her and talk about how large her breasts are. C’mon guys, I’m a professional journalist. “But Andres,” you might say in a silly voice, “you put up a picture of a naked Ms. Vergara dry humping a gorilla”. You guys, I’m simply making a comment about evolution being taught in our schools. Grow up, you guys.

[via Empire Online]