Some hero redid Sonic so he doesn’t look like a nightmare in red shoes


By now we’ve all seen the nightmare that is the Sonic movie. Aside from Jim Carey chewing up more scenery than a breakdown crew on the Lord of the Rings movies the film does not seem to have much to offer. That is, unless you count offering a nightmarish version of Sonic the Hedgehog made flesh. How the version we see in the trailer got green-lit by an entire team of people who presumably are not blind is a mystery to us, but one excuse might have been that you couldn’t work a more original look into a live action film.

That excuse is a lie (much like when Michael Bay said it).

As you can see abovie, digital artist Edward Pun made a stylized version of Sonic that fits easily into the real world and doesn’t look like he’s been tortured and twisted into a body that doesn’t belong to him. Obviously, this is a still picture but if it took him less than a day to knock this out I think the filmmakers could have made it work with just a little bit of effort. The legs feel correctly proportioned, the eyes aren’t placed so as to haunt our dreams, and his hair spikes are actually hair spikes. Oh, what could have been. 

Matthew Razak
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