Some Like It Hot: Amy Adams


With Man of Steel hitting and missing with audiences across the world, I saw the perfect opportunity to write about one of my favorite things in the whole wide world: pretty redheads. Amy Adams is one of those women who really is the whole package: She’s incredibly pretty, she’s tremendously talented, and most importantly: she stays busy.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in and get busy with the latest edition of Some Like it Hot!

[Some Like It Hot shines a light on the men and women of film who have captured our hearts, and oftentimes, our libidos. It celebrates the cinematic sirens and strongmen of the silver screen that give us the vapors, tug on our heartstrings, and leave us hungry for more. Also, they’re really effing hot.]

Name: Amy Lou Adams

Birthday: August 20th, 1974 (38)

Partial filmography: Enchanted, Doubt, Leap Year, The Fighter, The Muppets, The Master, Trouble With the Curve, Man of Steel  (view her IMDb page here)

Background: Amy Adams was born in Vicenza, Italy, the fourth of seven children. Her father, a U.S. servicemen, moved the family from base to base until Amy was eight, when they settled in Castle Rock, Colorado. Growing up, she sang in the school choir and danced at a local company with dreams of becoming a ballerina. Eventually, ballet gave way to musical theater, before graduating to a professional dinner theater actor.

In 1999, she appeared in her first film role in the satirical Drop Dead Gorgeous, as a beauty pageant contestant. Encouraged by co-stair Kirstie Alley, she moved to LA. After a handful of small roles in movies like Pyscho Beach Party and a bevy of guest roles on television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she appeared in Catch Me If You Can. It was her role in the indie film Junebug that helped gain her the acclaim she needed to elevate her career to the next level, and she appeared in films like Talladega Nights and Underdog before landing the lead role in Disney’s Enchanted.

Since then, she appeared in films like  Doubt, which netted her her first of several Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress, and Sunshine Cleaning, and  then more recently The Fighter (another Best Supporting Actress nomination), Muppets, The Master (another BSA nomination and a win in our Flixist Awards), Trouble With the Curve, and most recently, Man of Steel. With several more films on the horizon, including Her and Lullaby, Adams years of hard work seem to be paying off in dividends.

Best feature: Her hair

It’s no secret that I love redheads. In fact, it’s a well-documented fact on this site. With her pale skin and that wonderful red hair, every time I see her it sets my heart aflutter. While the rest of her is virtually perfect, that hair really sets her apart, lifting her up into the highest echelon of my Hollywood fantasies, next to her doppelganger Isla Fisher and Emma Stone. Sure, it might be naturally blond, just like Ms. Stone, but that won’t stop me from getting the job done if you know what I mean.

According to an interview with the Washington post, before she dyed her hair, she typically got stuck playing the bitchy girl. Hey, works for me.

Hottest role: Probably as Rose from Sunshine Cleaning. She’s more exposed in The Fighter and certainly more sexual in The Master, but I’d rather watch her interact with Steve Zahn in a sexual manner than Mark Wahlberg or Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Nobody should have to witness one of their favorite actresses give PSH a handy. Nobody.

And besides, who doesn’t want to watch a pretty girl clean up crime scenes?

Where I’d take her on a date: You can’t just take an Academy Award-nominated actress just anywhere. But where does one take the star of The Master? Medieval Times, of course. Imagine the look on her face when she discovers not only does she get to eat roasted chicken and spare ribs with her hands while watching two hours of jousting?

And how exactly does one top oneself after taking Lois Lane to Medieval Times? You can’t. it’s just not possible. It’s all or nothing time at that point and you invite her back to yours for some fancy champagne, some Barry Manilow, a rousing game of Peggle. Academy Award-nominated actresses love Peggle.

In conclusion: With almost a decade and a half in the business, leading roles in AAA films like The Master and Man of Steel under her belt within the last year, and intriguing future projects like Her in the pipeline, Ms. Adams is not going anywhere any time soon. Like I said up top, she is gorgeous, talented, and versatile. Being a redhead only sweetens that deal.

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