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Some Like It Hot shines a light on the men and women of film who have captured our hearts, and oftentimes, our libidos. It celebrates the cinematic sirens and strongmen of the silver screen that give us the vapors, tug on our heartstrings, and leave us hungry for more. Also, they’re really effing hot.

Comic book superheroes are an attractive bunch. They all run around in their skin tight spandex and have perfect abs, large busts/packages and bodies that would most likely be physically impossible if they weren’t images on a comic book page. So it stands to reason that a franchise based on a comic book would be full of some of the hottest female and male actors around. The gist of this paragraph is to say that the X-Men films have a lot of really attractive people in them.

We’ve gathered the staff together once again to tear through our favorite babes from the entire X-Men series. This includes any actor from X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and X-Men: First Class. While these films may have varied wildly in quality they all do have one thing in common: attractive people in tight clothing.

Learn all about them (or just oggle the pics) below.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry may have fallen pretty far from grace since her Oscar win in 2001 thanks to the infamous Bond curse, and let’s not even begin to pretend anyone liked her as Storm in any of the X-Men movies. Not only did she deliver what is now considered on of the worst one-liners in cinematic history (“The same thing that happens to everything else.”), but the character and her power were pretty much useless throughout all the movies. But let’s remember the Berry we all lusted after in Monster’s Ball, Swordfish and Die Another Day. Let’s remember the Berry who took one single topless shot and made Swordfish a must see movie. If we remember that Berry then I think we can all agree that we all want to see more and more of her and hopefully in some actually decent roles. After all she can act, she just doesn’t seem to be able to choose roles. – Matt

Nicholas Hoult

You may not have heard of Nicholas Hoult, but you probably recognize him (he’s the one in the bow tie). The blue-eyed Brit first came to my attention in the highly-lauded film, About a Boy, where he played the loner Marcus opposite Hugh Grant’s Will. Marcus was just about as adorable as can be in his ugly sweaters and cords, singing Mystikal’s “Shake Your Ass,” and being generally awkward. Nearly ten years after the fact, it turns out that the adorable boy is a boy no more. Tall and trim with a slightly skewed smirk, Hoult is both disarmingly handsome in suits and little more than his birthday suit (see BBC’s Skins). His resume is also maturing nicely, with past credits in A Single Man and Clash of the Titans, and future projects, Jack the Giant Killer (he’s Jack) and Mad Max: Fury Road. Hoult joins the latest X-Men film as young Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast. While certainly not the hunkiest of the X-Men, I have no doubt that Hoult will bring a sexy sophistication to the role, which the trailer hints, will be enough to woo the likes of young Mystique (played by real-life girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence).

Consider me wooed. – Siobhan

Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen is the sort of girl boyfriends worry about. Consider yourself lucky to get a date, luckier still to get a second or third. And if she is on your arm, you need to have one eye over your shoulder, lest she get ideas. She has gorgeous eyes, a killer body (pun intended), and she is a Class 5 Mutant (Jean Grey and Phoenix in X-Men: Last Stand). Ok, so that last part might not sound so hot for some, but she is still a knock-out well into her 40’s. Yeah, I had no idea either. Ms. Janssen played a dangerous, um, squeeze in Goldeneye (Brosnan’s best Bond film) and a sexy fling in Rounders aside Messrs. Damon and Norton. Before she was an actress, she was a model for Chanel and a Literature Major from Columbia, so she pretty much covers all the bases. And that’s a ballpark I wouldn’t mind touring. – Sam

Hugh Jackman

While you may argue that Hugh Jackman doesn’t quite fit into all the physical attributes of The Wolverine he is hands down one of the best casting decisions made throughout the entire X-Men franchise. I mean, think how incredibly unbearable Wolverine would have been without him. Not only does he nail his character, but he nails being damn sexy as well. The man is ripped like none other and has that arrogant nice guy thing down to a tee. How can you not like him? He’s so damn charming and he actually made watching the Oscars interesting. Then, just when you think you could pass on him for one reason or another he busts out singing and dancing and you fall in love with him all over again. Guys take note: women love a man who can sing and dance all while poking a little fun at himself. They also love abs you can wash clothes on. – Matt

Rebecca Romijn Succubus

I don’t usually fall for the “bad girl” persona, and as someone who laughs at women who fall for the “bad boy” persona, Rebecca makes me a complete hypocrite. She’s not my type in her roles or even in real life, and she’s not even my type based on looks, but there’s just something about her sharp personality that locks my eyes and I don’t want the scene to end because I’m always curious what she’ll say or do next. If I knew someone like her in real life I’m sure she could get me to do things I didn’t want to do, like watch X-Men movies. However, girls with blue boobs are probably a formula for blue balls, and Zoe Saldana’s voice alone in Avatar is more sexy than any Romijn sex scene. In fact, no. This is not a SLIH recommendation, this is a “stay away from her because she’s an evil succubus and all her movies suck” recommendation, but as soon as I see her on camera next I’m sure I’ll completely betray myself all over again. She’s basically a siren from The Odyssey. – Tom 

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne is super hot.

Rose Byrne never really caught my eye until Insidious (one of my favorite movies of the year thus far), but her role as the haunted young mother of two seriously impressed me. She then quickly followed that excellent piece of horror with a serious 180 as the super-bitchy, super-rich Helen in Bridesmaids (earning extra Sean points for being fictionally married to The Office’s Andy Buckley). She possesses a natural vulnerability and surprising comedic timing, two things that are musts for the Sean Walsh Inner Circle of Sexy Ladies (there aren’t many other requirements). In X-Men: First Class she plays Moira MacTaggert, the sexy Scottish American geneticist and presumable love interest of one Charles Xavier. I was surprised that this was not her first nerd-pleasing role. She played Dormé, one of Padmé’s handmaidens in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. With that sweet chestnut hair, disarming smile, and her all-around sexiness, Rose Byrne will be the best looking geneticist in a Marvel movie this year, and that’s a Sean Walsh guarantee. – Sean

Sir Patrick Stewart

Oh captain, my captain. Here are five reasons why I would go gay for Patrick Stewart:

1) I dig Shakespeare but he will always be Jean Luc Picard. There’s something about a man in uniform and Stewart spent almost a decade wearing a form-fitted one. 2) He didn’t sound French but who cares? Points won for that flavorful tongue, regardless of the questionable continuity. 3) Genetic superiority by way of chest hair. Stewart’s lesser known work reveals a pectoral forest of gray inviting me to run my fingers through his curly grays. 4) Mister clean conscience made baldness bold. You don’t see me creaming over Yul Brenner. 5) A knight’s tail. Not quite content with playing one in Excalibur, Sir Patrick became an actual knight in real life. Nothing makes you want to put it between a pair of British buns more than stainless steel. Maybe that’s why all the Queen’s men are flaming homosexuals… Xander Markham most definitely included.  Glenn

Sir Ian McKellan

You know what’s so great about Sir Ian? He’s classy as hell. The man is one of the greatest acting treasures we have, and he’s an absolute gentleman. You’re never going to read about Sir Ian going around feeling up pool boys and carrying on like a jackass. He’s also a classically-trained Shakespearean actor (if you haven’t seen him in Richard III, it’s on Netflix Instant, and it’s AMAZING!) that’s not afraid to take the piss out of his own reputation as an actor’s actor. He’s also one of the handsomest older men in show business. Basically, if Sir Ian came knocking on my door with a bottle of champagne and a randy look in his eyes, I’d be helpless to stop myself. Also, there’s this:


Jennifer Lawrence

Despite Glenn’s wishful thinking (oh, you Americans!), if I ever had been gay, that certainly wouldn’t be the case after seeing Jennifer Lawrence’s spectacularly curve-hugging Oscar Night dress, which must surely rank – with an ‘r’, mind – as one of mankind’s greatest achievements. For its homosexual-converting level of sexiness, devout Christians are said to refer to the dress as ‘The Second Coming’, as do I for very different reasons. Screw you, Sir Isaac Newton: the sight of Lawrence euphemistically rocking the Oscars proves you only discovered the second most attractive force in the universe. Of course, the real reason she was there was because she’s an exceptionally talented actress, who gave a ferociously raw performance for her breakout role in Winter’s Bone. (Rumour has it the movie was just called Winter until she was cast). She has now taken over from Rebecca Romijn Succubus in the X-Men series, blowing her predecessor (steady) out of the water in the ‘strollin’ around in the buff, painted blue’ stakes. It’s a shame she’s stuck with Mystique though: I’d have cast her as MEGAFOX, a role I just made up, whose presence has a levitational effect on everything around her, especially my pe[For the love of God, STOP! – Internal Monologue] -Xander

Ann Paquin

You can see our Scream 4 SLIH to get a full rundown on why we dig Ms. Paquin, but it does warrant a mention that she looks really hot with Rogue’s trademark white streak in her hair.

Ellen Page

ellen page plus dog

How could anyone not love this girl? While her role in X-Men: The Last Stand was mainly as a supporting character, to me, Page steals any scene she’s in because of her insatiable adorableness. The reasons I love Ellen Page are quite simple really: she’s your typical, down-to-earth, Tomboy girl-next-door, but she always has such grace, intelligence, and sweetness that people are just instantly drawn in by her candor. While I may not know that much about X-Men, I simply adore Page’s quirkiness. She’s like a breath of fresh air in the midst of Hollywood smog. Ellen Page, you are my hero. – Liz

January Jones

What can I say about January Jones other than she has an awesome name and yet I still constantly refer to her as Betty Draper. Her classic beauty and graceful demeanor was a perfect fit to play Don Draper’s damaged housewife in Mad Men, as she has you pity her place in a man’s world as well as despise her for the petulant bitch that she is. So when I heard she would play the vixen Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men prequel/sequel/reboot/something, I naturally saw yet another perfect fit. Then I saw the trailer, and while I thought it looked awful, I played it more than once for a peek at her supple cleavage in what could only be described as a disco hooker outfit. 20th Century Fox has been accused of over-sexualizing X-Men: First Class, and while it’s an obvious grab at my wallet, like a patron at a strip club I will foolishly throw my money at the pretty lady just so she would smile at me. – Andres

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