Some rando named Grant Morrison is helping Ezra Miller rewrite The Flash


DC finally has at least a couple movies that are actually fun and worth watching now, in two markedly different ways. Wonder Woman straight up rocked and is probably the best female-led superhero movie ever, while Aquaman was about the stupidest, most insane Monster Energy-fueled CGI extravaganza that you couldn’t not have a wonderful time. However, this is still DC, so even with these two templates to choose from, The Flash cannot get off the ground, as his standalone movie has been pushed back multiple times. Apparently it’s in part due to creative differences between directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein and Ezra Miller, the latter of whom wants The Flash to be darker and edgier. Ughhhhhhhh.

Whether or not Miller is stuck in 2008 with that attitude, he’s taken an active approach to sell his vision by agreeing to write his own script with a little a help from Grant Morrison. Yes, comic book royalty Grant Morrison, writer of many a beloved DC series (and Batman, Incorporated) will be helping Miller write the script. Not much is known about the script besides it’s potentially darker tone, but apparently this has been in the works for a bit as The Hollywood Reporter says Warner may see this within the week. This is especially important because if the differences can’t be hashed out, Miller may be out as the Flash.

Despite my previous exasperation with the “dark and edgy” route, this is a difficult situation. The original, more lighthearted script could be a great joyride like Aquaman, but Miller seems really committed to the role and looks like he’s willing to put in the effort to get his vision, which could ultimately provide a more invested, interesting take on the material and maybe produce an actually good, coherent movie like Wonder Woman. Ezra Miller is just a cool cool dude, too, and DC films are quite hero-centric, so a committed performance could be a sight to behold. The Flash is set to release in 2021.

‘Flash’ Shocker: Ezra Miller Writing Script in Bid to Stay On as Star (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter