Someone synched up the trailers for The Mandalorian and Cats and it works


Now, I don’t know why, but someone thought it would be fun to sync up the audio from Cats with the trailer for The Mandalorian. And the worst thing is, it fits. Either, trailers nowadays are way too formulaic and concocted in a lab where they work out how to squeeze every last drop out entertainment for money; or, it’s pure fluke and it just works. After watching this, bemused as I may be, I’d like to ward off cynicism just for a second and go with the latter. 

Anyone who’s been on the Internet this month will know that Cats and The Mandalorian are possibly two of the most talked-about trailers this year, for different (and not wholly encouraging) reasons. You’ve probably perhaps fuelled that fire yourself through your own comments. And you’ll know that they are not, even in the slightest way, related.

After its release at the D23 expo last weekend, The Mandalorian trailer was widely hailed as one of the best Star Wars trailers yet. It begins with some of the eeriest footage ever to feature in the franchise — Stormtrooper helmets impaled on spikes — which sets the tone for the first live-action series in the Star Wars universe, carrying us past new and familiar characters alike. Following the story of bounty hunter Pedro Pascal, the stakes are absolutely huge, and it’s set to be the flagship programme streaming on Disney+ from November 12.

Tom Hooper’s Cats trailer, on the other hand… didn’t quite get the love he was expecting. It was a trainwreck of a trailer, inviting universal ridicule and scorn. The CG fur, I think we can all agree, was a grave, grave mistake, and the inclusion of “Memory” playing out with grandiose flourish in the background; awkward motion-capture technology that over-cooked the soup; and every celeb looking forlorn, theatrical and lost — made for a truly disturbing experience. 

So why bring them together? Well, trust the Internet to fix something it hates. The mashup comes from Twitter user Elvish Presley and you have to hand it to them: they’re one creative cookie. We’re talking about two polar opposite genres, here. The best parts of the synched-up trailer are, no doubt, the slow, atmospheric fades into new scenes with that melodramatic showstopper playing out in the background. There’s also a sound bite of James Corden shouting ‘Let’s go!” (not completely necessary, but ok?) and a sudden, jolly uplift, where the rhythm just seems to fit the editing, complete with cheeky character winks, like a glove. It’s impressive, really.

Suffice to say that not everyone agrees with this particular crossover. Here at the Flixist staff there are those that vehemently deny the association and I risk being shunned for supporting this. But at the end of the day, all we really want is a glorified cat meme. I’m not really convinced that it will do anything to alter the Internet’s view on Cats or to dilute the hype for The Mandalorian, but it’s a valiant effort all the same. I’m just now expecting Pedro to break out into a dance routine, or at the very least to see a cat wielding an EE-3 blaster.

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Sian Francis Cox
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