Someone wants to make a 2 Guns sequel


Producer Randall Emmett, of 2 Guns fame, wants to make a sequel to 2 Guns, supposedly entitled 3 Guns. He wants to. He has expressed interest.

In an interview with Collider, Emmett was asked about the possibility of a 2 Guns follow-up, and responded with the usual “Oh, we’d love to do another one!” line we’ve all heard before.

I mean, I think we’re having that conversation. You know, I don’t wanna be so bold to say, you know, it’s 100%. Of course it comes down to Denzel and Mark and the director, Baltasar [Kormákur], who’s doing Everest now, who have to make that decision. We, of course, would love to do a sequel and we are pushing for a sequel.

That doesn’t sound very definite to me.

2 Guns was a fun one-off summer flick that didn’t need a sequel. Good thing, too, because this sequel is never going to happen.

[Source: Collider]