Sonic the Hedgehog will run again as a sequel is greenlit at Paramount


It’s a small miracle that Sonic the Hedgehog turned out as well as it did. After a disastrous reveal a year ago causing the film to be delayed so that Sonic’s character design could be reworked to be something less Lovecraftian, it was questionable whether or not the film would be legitimately good or not. Thankfully, it turned out to be pretty alright! It was a fun family film that kept the spirit of the original games alive, gave us some fun set pieces, and delivered a Jim Carrey performance that felt like it was ripped straight out of the 90s in the best way possible. 

The film did pretty well commercially too, making a little north of $300 million in theaters before being given an earlier VOD release thanks to COVID-19. Still, I would wager that did more to help the film’s longevity as it never really left people’s radar since families were quickly able to rent it so that they could entertain their children somehow. It clearly did well enough for Paramount and SEGA to officially announce that a sequel will be made. 

While details like a production start date and casting decisions haven’t been made due to the recency of this decision, as well as it being unknown if/when film productions can even resume, we do know that Jeff Fowler will return to direct the sequel with Pat Casey and Josh Miller also returning as head writers. There are plenty of directions that the sequel can go in and more opportunities to include some of Sonic’s buddies from the video games, so consider me excited for this!

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