Sony developing Good Times film adaptation


For those who don’t know, Good Times was an amazing seventies sitcom about a working class, Black family who struggled through daily life. It was especially known for having a son who was interested in becoming a Black Panther, and Jimmie J.J Walker’s J.J Evans (or the preferable “Kid DYN-O-MIIIITE”). The show helped me get through the rough points in my life and was the only thing watchable when we had no cable. It was great. 

So for some reason, it had to be dug up. According to Deadline, Sony is producing an adaptation of the series with Phil Johnston to write the screenplay. Johnston is known for quality films like Wreck-It RalphCedar Rapids.. and uh…A Thousand Words? I’m losing confidence here. The only thing currently known about the adaptation is that the film will take place in the sixties. And if my words haven’t explained well enough how I feel toward all of this, feel free to watch the video in the header to truly understand how I grasped the situation. 

[via Deadline]