Sony pushing forward with Dragon Tat-two


See what I did there? Anyway, despite David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo struggling both critically (although all of Flixist’s reviewers adored it) and financially, so far grossing ‘only’ $60m on a $90m budget, Sony are confident enough in the film to be sticking with plans to release the second in the trilogy, The Girl Who Played With Fire, in 2013.

It seems a sensible stance from Sony, given how the film hasn’t been out long and its adult content meant it was always likely to be a slow burner at the box-office. The books were blockbuster successes, but people are less hesitant experiencing visceral stories in print than seeing the same material represented on-screen. All the pieces are already in place for the next film – Fincher and stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara are signed until the end of the trilogy, while writer Steve Zaillian is already working on a script – so abandoning all plans at this early stage would seemingly represent the most foolish kind of kneejerk reaction. I wasn’t nearly so enthusiastic about the film as my Flixist peers, although would like to see Rooney Mara be given the opportunity to expand on her more vulnerable interpretation of Lisbeth.

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