Sony’s hack, Flixist, and you


We here at Flixist appreciate that while you can get your movie news fix from anywhere, you lovingly come back to us. We’d like to thank you for your readership wholeheartedly. Without you all, there’s a good chance we’d be talking about the latest Marvel movie in some abandoned alley somewhere while writing “I love dogs” on the walls. 

But from time to time, we come across some bits of news that we’re conflicted about discussing with you all. As Flixist’s News Editor, I’d like to clarify our stance on these things. 

In late November, Sony Pictures was the victim of a major hack (with the culprit still un-identified). Instead of stealing money, the hack led to all sorts of private employee emails, future plans, and announcements leaking to the web. Here at Flixist, we’ve got a policy that forbids the posting of leaks and information garnered through illegal means. Just as you’ll never see us talking about leaked trailers or reviewing a pirated film, we’re never going to discuss the information gathered from this leak. 

As much as I’d love to elaborate on some of the crazier aspects of these emails, perusing all of this stolen information for nuggets of movie news smells foul. The fact of the matter is, we do not condone theft. We will not justify this crooked source. If we did discuss all of the hearsay, and since it’s without the standard “legitimacy” of the Hollywood rumor mill (where announcements are sometimes intentionally leaked to gain buzz), we wouldn’t be us. 

Now if Sony Pictures wants to come out and confirm some things, that’s another story. But until then, we hope you understand our position and continue reading our work. 

Thanks for listening, 

Nicholas Jay Valdez

Flixist News Editor