Sony’s Spider-Man reboot gets an official title


Ever since Sony and Marvel announced their unprecedented deal to have joint custody of Spider-Man films, and after we all got a first taste of him with the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer, we’ve all turned our attention to what Sony and Marvel have planned for Spidey’s next solo outing, now officially titled Spider-Man: Homecoming

Although it’s yet another reboot, here’s hoping everything comes out okay. By the looks of the title font and Spidey’s new suit, the new films are most likely going in a newer, more colorful direction. It most likely won’t focus on the Homecoming comic arc since that had to deal with the after effects of Marvel’s first Secret Wars event, but maybe we’ll still get the cool black suit out of it. I’m sure the title is more of a reflection of Spider-Man’s return/debut in the MCU. 

Along with Spider-Man: Homecoming, at CinemaCon Sony announced the official title for the upcoming Men in Black/21 Jump Street crossover film, MiB 23. It’ll most likely be both a sequel to the Jump Street franchise and a reboot of the Men in Black series. This all sounds fantastic too. 

Spider-Man: Homecoming releases July 7th, 2017.

[via Marvel and Collider]