South Park gets renewed through 2022


It’ll likely be a surprise to no one, but Comedy Central has renewed the edgy, satire-laden comedy series South Park through 2022. Once the most shocking show on TV, South Park has remained a source of comedy gold for over two decades. Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have had their ups and downs, but the duo is still raring to return to the snowy town in Colorado.

As Parker told The Hollywood Reporter, “In this day and age, it is more of an achievement than it was before, the fact that we are still going.” With the 23rd season of the show soon to start, this renewal order will see the series potentially ending with 26 seasons under its belt. Stone notes that while there isn’t some endgame plan written down, they don’t intend to keep doing this show forever. “I am 48. Trey turns 50 this year. So I will say that I don’t think we will be doing this show when we’re 60.”

Whether that comes to pass is yet to be seen, but expect at least a few more years of South Park before it concludes.

As ‘South Park‘ Gets Renewed Through 2022, Matt Stone and Trey Parker Also Have New Movie Ideas [The Hollywood Reporter]

Peter Glagowski
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