Spamalot movie in the works at Paramount with Eric Idle screenplay


The problem with Monty Python is that there isn’t anymore Monty Python being made. The British comedy troupes sketch show and films are still some of the funniest things ever made but we won’t be getting more of those funny things because it’s over with. Except in musical form! Paramount has acquired the rights from Fox to make a movie based on the musical Spamalot, which in turn is based on the classic film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The movie could be here pretty quickly because it was already fully developed. Casey Nicholaw, who choreographed the Broadway musical, is on board to direct and Eric Idle has already written the screenplay. This means Paramount could get out their coconuts and start riding towards production relatively quickly. The plan right now is to begin casting and get production going this year. There’s no word on when they will actually get everything going but there could be silly, English kiniggets dancing across screens any time now.

For those who have never intentionally miscounted to three or been not dead yet, Monty Python and the Holy Grail is basically Monty Python doing their take on King Arthur and it is absolutely the funniest thing ever. Spamalot is much the same but with music. It is a smash hit and went on to win a Tony for Best Musical. Though Nicholaw is a big deal on Broadway he has never directed a movie before. However, Hollywood appears to be calling as he’s also been tapped to direct the film adaptation of the Mean Girls musical. Maybe he can just make a career of adapting musical adapted from movies and then one day adapt those movies back into musicals!

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Matthew Razak
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