Spanish film festival charged for showing A Serbian Film


The art hating public prosecutor of Barcelona has charged the Sitges Film Festival, as well as the program’s director Angel Sala, with exhibition of child pornography for showcasing an uncut version of the horrific A Serbian Film. As BleedingCool reports, if Spanish courts decide to take the case, and rule in favor of the prosecution, Spain would constitute the dramatization of child rape as pornography.

While I have no intention of seeing A Serbian Film because of the various depictions of rape in it, I will forever jump to its defense. Banning a piece of art because it contains something you personally don’t agree with is absolutely outrageous. Especially if the offensive content is dramatized, like it is in Serbian Film. It baffles my mind that we’re in the year 2011, and people still can’t act like civilized people when it comes to offensive material in art.

[via BleedingCool]