Marvel trolls fans with multiple Spider-Man 3 titles


In an effort to prevent actor Tom Holland from spoiling the news about Spider-Man 3, it seems Marvel is now trolling fans with the official title for the web slinger’s next adventure. On Instagram today, both Holland and co-star Jacob Batalon “revealed” the titles for this third installment in the MCU Spidey saga and the results are conflicting.

Holland was first with a post that showed off Spider-Man: Phone Home. Many were skeptical that Marvel would go with the title, especially since it’s an obvious reference to E.T. An hour or so later, Batalon then chimed in with Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker. Clearly, it can’t be both, but it’s probably not going to be either.

Holland’s history with spoilers is well noted, but this definitely seems more like a planned publicity stunt than Disney executives keeping him in the dark. He might have loose lips, but what better way to generate hype than to play with fan expectations? Everyone is eager to know if Disney and Marvel will actually release a film this year, so getting people to Google “Spider-Man 3 title” will obviously draw interest.

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say the title is likely going to reference the multiverse in some manner. They can’t reuse Far From Home, but Homeward Bound might work…

Source: Instagram

Peter Glagowski
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