Spider-Man: Far from Home will be re-released in theaters


Shortly after Spider-Man: Far from Home becoming Sony’s highest-grossing movie ever, they must’ve thought how they could celebrate this achievement. The answer is to re-release Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters with additional footage. How much footage you ask? A whopping 4 additional minutes have been added to the runtime. The new footage is said to be involving an action scene. Good money is that this is referring to the sequence shown in early trailers involving Spider-Man apprehending criminals as part of a “to-do” list before embarking on his European vacation.

It is nice that the added runtime will showcase the new footage in the actual film and not just post-credits, but this raises the question of if this will become the new normal for Marvel films. Avengers: Endgame got a similar re-release with the somewhat clear intention of trying to surpass Avatar as the biggest box office movie of all time. They succeeded in this and Spider-Man’s re-release might be a sign of a growing trend. This idea of double-dipping with blockbuster movies and justifying it with additional footage, that would likely be included on the home release anyways, doesn’t feel like it can be sustained long term. I say this now but fully expect to hear about how The Lion King will be re-released to celebrate its box office success down the line.

We’ll have to wait and see how willing people are to go see Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters again to get a glimpse at that beautiful new footage.

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