Spielberg and Protosevich discussing Jurassic Park IV


If there’s one thing in this world that we humans can’t get enough of it’s dinosaurs. They’re seriously awesome. They’ve got those big ass claws and teeth and they do cool things. With this in mind its easy to explain why Jurassic Park III, one of the worst movies to ever have the number three in its title (saying a lot), made $386 million world wide. It’s also easy to explain why Stephen Spielberg and screenwriter Mark Protosevich (I Am Legend) are reportedly discussing making a fourth Jurassic Park movie ten years after the last one came out.

This is pretty much a rumor so details on anything having to do with the plot are scarce, but I doubt it could be as bad as the third film which rambled all over the place and then never really ended. It also will never be as good as that rumored JP IV script that reportedly featured trained dinosaurs in attack armor.

Despite the rumors of Protosevich on this project Universal says that no screenwriter has been assigned to the franchise for a fourth film at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want one. Money will be printed when this thing lands, especially if Spielberg is producing. Whenever this actually happens I can easily predict that 3D will be involved.

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Matthew Razak
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