Spielberg backslides on Star Wars rights for Ready Player One


Yesterday news broke that Disney had refused the great Steven Spielberg the rights to anything Star Wars related for his upcoming Ready Player One film. The film is based on the book by the same title which is based on every single person’s childhood. Mining the coal regions of nostalgia is usually Disney’s forte, but Spielberg himself stated he wasn’t able to secure the rights for the film. Here’s his quote:

“We couldn’t get any Star Wars rights … They wouldn’t give up the Star Wars rights.”

Pretty cut and dry, right? But then Spielberg was like “LOL guys, just kidding” when he gave this quote after the initial denial story made its rounds:

So if you look very carefully you’ll see an R2-D2 somewhere, you’ll see an X-Wing somewhere. But we didn’t want to use the main cultural icons from any of the Disney Star Wars films because those are ongoing. That’s really part of our contemporary world right now, and even though it began in the 80s, it is so much a part of our real life today in the 21st century. So we asked for some of the smaller items and Disney gave us everything we asked for.”

So it appears some recognizable aspects of the Star Wars epic will, in fact, be in the movie. That is unless Spielberg gives us another reason to update this before the film hits theaters on March 29th. 

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Nick Hershey