Spielberg in talks to direct Biblical epic about Moses


At the end of September, we reported that Warner Brothers was enticing Steven Spielberg to direct Gods and Kings, a Biblical epic about Moses. It all seemed like a longshot, but one within reason. Well, Spielberg and Warner Brothers are now officially in talks for the film. Nothing’s definite at the moment, of course, but a Spielberg Biblical blockbuster is one step closer to reality. We’ve basically upgraded from a first born’s chance in Egypt to a duck’s chance in the Great Flood.

The screenplay for Gods and Kings was written by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine. It tracks Moses’s life from birth to death, closely following the Old Testament. Hazeldine also co-wrote the adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which is being helmed by Alex Proyas. Green also co-wrote Green Lantern, but let’s try not to hold that against him.

So now we’ve got high-profile Judah Maccabee and Noah pictures in the works as well as this potential Moses biopic and Paradise Lost. Which Old Testament or Old Testament-related film might be next?

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Hubert Vigilla
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