Spielberg will direct a Big Friendly Giant movie


You ever hear one of those ideas that just sounds like a real slam dunk from top to bottom? Well, here’s another one of those. Steven Spielberg (one of the great American filmmakers) is bringing Roald Dahl’s (one of the all-time great children’s authors) classic book The BFG to theaters.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Spielberg is teaming up with ET co-writer Melissa Mathison. DreamWorks will be producing the film, and it’s also safe to bet that it’ll be an animated flick.

Look, Roald Dahl and Bill Watterson had a pretty huge influence on Young Mike Cosimano, so mix that with my love of film and one killer director and you’ve got what might be one of my most anticipated movies ever. I’m hoping against hope that DreamWorks does right by this story.

Production starts in 2015, with a projected mid-2016 release date.

[via: EW]