Spike Lee surpasses $1.25 million on Kickstarter


Last Friday, Spike Lee successfully reached $1.25 million on the Kickstarter campaign for his vaguely defined new joint. With about 50 hours left to go, the project has raised $1.3 million and looks like it could potentially hit $1.5 million by the time this is all done.

Lee faced a lot of criticism when he first launched the Kickstarter campaign in July. Not only was the film vaguely described, but his initial pitch was poorly formed and the incentives were, frankly, pretty bad. We here at Flixist expressed our own opinions about it, including an extended response by our own Liz Rugg.

Yet the overall campaign improved over the course of the last few weeks. Now we at least know who our female lead is (Zaraah Abrahams), Lee offered fans/funders more chances to interact with him, and the new and improved incentives included the following: for $5, various jacket patches and stickers autographed by Spike Lee; for $20, a book on the making of Malcolm X autographed by Spike Lee; and for the $10,000 bundle, a day on set, a day in the editing bay, a day-long Master Filmmaking seminar, a signed copy of the screenplay, and two tickets to the NY or LA premiere and after party.

If you want to check out the new face of the Spike Lee Kickstarter campaign, you can go here. How do you feel about Spike Lee hitting his Kickstarter goal?

[via The Dissolve]

Hubert Vigilla
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