Staggeringly hot women shortlisted for Captain America 2


Of all Marvel’s individual superhero movies, Captain America was my favourite. Part of that was down to Hayley Atwell’s wonderful performance as Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers’ wartime sweetheart and confidante. Now that the Cap has been pulled into the 21st Century to fight alongside his fellow Avengers, a shortlist has been drawn up for Atwell’s successor as female lead. The dazzlingly beautiful and talented list includes Anna Kendrick, Twilight survivor and Oscar nominee for Up In The Air, Felicity Jones, whose performance in Like Crazy brought the world up to speed on an actress known for her heartfelt vulnerability, and the indecently perfect Imogen Poots, of Fright Night and 28 Weeks Later fame.

Given the movie’s Winter Soldier subtitle, the actresses are most likely in contention to play Peggy Carter’s niece, Sharon, who plays a prominent role in the storyline. On that basis, I’d say Felicity Jones should be the frontrunner, given how she bears the closest resemblance to Atwell of the three. Kendrick is probably the long shot, lacking the crucial Englishness. Nevertheless, you’ll never hear me complaining about any of these actresses winning more high-profile work, as they’re all as talented as they are gorgeous. Make your own mind up by checking out our gallery!

[via Bleeding Cool]