Stallone and De Niro are getting their Grudge Match


Back when Xander first told us about the Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro starring old codger boxing film Grudge Match, it was moving forward with production without an official greenlight. Thankfully, Warner Bros. has just greenlit the film with Kevin Hart, of most recently Think Like A Man fame, signed on to play the boxing promoter that gets these two old dudes together for one last bout. 

So my money’s on Stallone with this one, assuming I’m supposed to argue whether Jake LaMotta or Rocky Balboa would win in a match. I mean, it’s obviously Balboa. Dude’s beaten Russia and once came back to fight again at a very old age! I think Xander said best when he asserted that “Stallone is one of the buffest 65 year olds around and DeNiro barely seems energetic enough to move in his lazier recent performances.” I hope the movie reflects on their extreme differences in physique. 

Although if this turns out to be some sort of lazy comedy instead of something potentially awesome for boxing movie fans like myself, I’m going to be soooo sad.