Stallone working on Rambo 5 next after Creed


While Sylvester Stallone is currently on his way to the city of brotherly love to film Creed, the Rocky spin-off in which Rocky trains Apollo Creed’s son to box (just stand there and get punched a lot) he’s revealing that we may be seeing the fifth Rambo film soon. The actor tweeted the following a few days ago. 

Scarpa, if you haven’t heard of it, is about the gangster of the same name and may push Stallone back into dramatic performances. However, it appears that the writing and production of Last Blood: Rambo, which we’re assuming is the title, will come first. Either way it’s quite the collection of films for the actor who hasn’t really done anything notable outside of Expendables films. Rambo was really his last balls out fun film, and made Expendables action look like playing with puppies so it’ll be good to see him back at it in the blood bath department.

Take a look at the his work below. 

Matthew Razak
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