Stan Lee wants all of Conan’s money (joke’s on him)


Stan Lee played a major part in creating the Marvel universe. The guy’s like Hugh Hefner (even played him in Iron Man 2) but with comics. He’s been in movies, he’s revered by nerds, and he’s… suing Conan the Barbarian?

Last Friday, while I was getting drunk with Flixist LA at the most amazing line-dancing cowboy gay bar ever, Stan Lee Media, Inc. was busy filing a lawsuit demanding 100% (re: ALL) of the money Conan makes on the grounds that they still own the rights to Conan. Apparently, through the magic and wonder of bankruptcy, they claim to Conan should’ve been protected, but in true (believer) fashion, they were betrayed from within by a shady lawyer who made an illegal deal that eventually led to Conan the Barbarian being green-lit!

Now, you really gotta pick your battles here, folks. So far, Conan has wracked up a measly $10 million over the weekend (of a $90 million budget), just barely slaying its source material’s debut back in ’82. Today, it’s only up to about $17.5 million. It’s only been a week, but that’s pretty grim. Is Stan Lee that hard-up for cash? Is it an honor thing? Has he ever alliterated so hard he’s rendered himself incontinent?

Until we get these answers and more, MAKE MINE FLIXIST!