Stanley Tucci to be Caesar Flickerman in Hunger Games


Caesar Flickerman is the face of the Hunger Games. Every year, he interviews the Tributes from each district on live television, letting the audience get to know them a little before they brutally murder one another on camera. Despite the massive amounts of plastic surgery common among citizens of the Capitol, Flickerman remains charming and sociable, able to cast any Tribute in a positive light with a gentle nudge in the conversation.

Stanley Tucci will officially be playing Flickerman. He was rumored before to have a role somewhere in the film, but many speculated that he would be cast as Katniss’ designer, Cinna. While Flickerman is not quite as important a role as Cinna, he does have a central role in the first two books. Now we’re just holding out for Haymitch. Maybe John C. Reilly will get in on the action after all!

[via /Film]