Star Trek 2 may be shot in IMAX, definitely not in 3D


If there is a trend in filmmaking that I can get behind, it’s the decision to shoot using IMAX cameras. When dealing with the size of film stock, bigger is absolutely better. I remember the opening scene of The Dark Knight, where the bank robbery filled up literally my entire vision. The “retro-fitted” screens popping up nowadays don’t even compare to the five-story behemoths that are true IMAX theaters. But nonetheless, J.J. Abrams says that IMAX is his “favorite format” and that he’s looking at it for potential use in his upcoming sequel to 2009’s Star Trek.

He also said that the film won’t be shot in 3D. It will, however, be shown in 3D. They will be converting the film in post. I will complain about this because I don’t like 3D, but I don’t really know what is required to shoot in 3D, but Peter Jackson has to use mirrors and other tricks in order to make the Red Epic cameras he is using shoot that way, so perhaps whatever tech Abrams is planning on using just doesn’t allow for 3D shooting. Or maybe he’s just lazy. Frankly, I’m just annoyed that it’s going to be in 3D at all. It’s not even that I dislike 3D so much (although I do). It’s because of the lack of choice in IMAX showings. Iif Abrams goes through with the IMAX filming, then obviously I’d want to see it on an IMAX screen. But IMAX theaters (at least the ones I’ve been to) always show the 3D versions of movies only, which sucks, and I don’t want that. But I might have to do it anyway…

Decisions, decisions.

[Via Collider]