Star Trek: Discovery’s SDCC trailer is full of drama


I really wish that CBS would put out a trailer or something that made me feel confident in exactly what Star Trek: Discovery is. Am I supposed to be watching something from the original Trek universe or not? They say it’s in that timeline, but everything looks like something from the new movies. Then there’s the tone, which feels much more action-oriented than though provoking. 

However, there are still hints of the moral conflicts that Star Trek is known for, and our first look at the Klingons spaceships leans more towards the classic style even if they aren’t Birds of Prey. This is, at the very least, the first trailer where I felt a bit more of the old Star Trek magic comeback. Not that I don’t like the new films either, but I don’t want Discovery going through identity crisis the entire time its on the air. 

Star Trek: Discovery - Official Trailer

Matthew Razak
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