Star Trek: Into Darkness and World War Z double feature!


Did you think the days of the grindhouse double feature were long gone from our incorporated movie going experiences? Well, you’re right unless you’re lucky enough to live by an awesome independent theater. However, thanks to digital projection it’s a hell of a lot easier to pull it off and thanks to that we get a Star Trek: Into Darkness/World War Z double feature for one week only from Aug. 30 (that’s this Friday) to Sept. 5! They’re calling it the Ultimate Double Feature.

What do these movies have in common? Well, they’re both from Paramount and they both came out this summer… so… that’s… about it. I suppose the target audience is similar, plus with Star Trek not reaching expectations and WWZ doing way better than expected maybe they’re hoping to bulk up the Star Trek box office. Whatever the reason if you want to sit through this double feature for the price of only one movie ticket then just head here

Matthew Razak
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