Star Wars Blu-rays make $84 million in one week


Man, the angry legion of anti-Lucas fans certainly made their voices heard with that sacred right of boycott! The Star Wars Blu-ray set has sold so poorly that Lucas, crying like a woman, has released a new Blu-ray set with all the original editions of the film, intact and well. Also, the box looks like Boba Fett killing an Ewok with a lightsaber, and it orally pleasures you on command. This is not a real thing that has happened by the way. In fact, the complete saga, with an MSRP of $139.99 (selling for closer to $90 most places) has sold well enough to net $84 million. That’s a lot in Imperial Credits. One of the fasting selling Blu-rays of all time kind of credits. Jabba the Hutt could retire from his life of crime kind of credits. Star Wars reference Star Wars reference Star Wars reference kind of credits.

I just love reading news like this. For all the screaming fervor of the internet fanboy legions, the set is still poised to be one of the biggest selling Blu-ray sets of the year. I’d wager my bottom dollar that a large percentage of these sales are the same people shouting about the changes and claiming refusal to buy them at all. Let’s not forget what happened when the Internet threatened to boycott Modern Warfare 2 on PC.

[Via Collider]