Star Wars: Episode VII…directed by Matthew Vaughn?


Since Alex went and left to fight in the Great War, I’ve put it upon myself to bring you, the readers, every tid-bit of Star Wars Episode VII news I can find. So we’ll start with this, the first directing rumor to come out of the abyss of Hollywood drudge.

Matthew Vaughn is a name that kept coming up in every “Who should direct Episode VII?” post that every blog on the internet posted. Along side Brad Bird, Vaughn was the most consistant name to be dropped. But it seems that Disney might have been paying attention. In a Collider exclusive, sources say that Vaughn is currently in talks to direct. And if you recall, Vaughn just recently dropped out of making the X-Men First Class sequel. Collider’s sources say that directing Episode VII was the determining factor in his dropping out of the mutant sequel.

I don’t know what to think here. I liked Vaughn’s work on Kick-Ass and First Class, but I don’t know how well his directing style would apply to Star Wars. Then again, I can certainly think of worse directors you could call upon. What do you guys think?

[via Collider]