Star Wars gets more alterations for Blu-Ray debut


UPDATE: /Film has an update, comparing the puppet Yoda to CGI. 

Look, did anyone not see this coming? Of course George Lucas and co. were going to add more unneeded stuff to the Blu-Ray release of The Trilogy. What kind of stuff will be added in? Well, not a whole lot can be said, really. But over at /Film, the rumor is that we’ll be seeing an all CGI Yoda in Phantom Menace, instead of the puppet that was in the original release. Which isn’t that big of a deal, really. 

Other things that are being changed are actually for the better, and I commend Lucas for finally addressing some of these issues. First of all, the frame size on Phantom Menace is more accurate to the original print, which means we’ll see more movie per frame. Other additions/changes include remixing the score to better support surround sound set-ups, and better color correction all around.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more details about the transfers closer to release on September 16. Jeeze, that’s only four weeks away. I should really get my preorder in…

[via /Film]