Star Wars: Identities exhibition coming to Montreal

STAR WARS Identities: The Exhibition

Lucasfilm and X3 Productions have teamed up to create a collaborative “interactive exhibition” exploring the human condition and just what makes our humanity so conditional with an exhibition they’re calling Star Wars: Identities. The exhibition will be coming to Montreal in April of 2012, and more info on tickets can be found here.

The show is going to be featuring “close to 200 objects from the Lucasfilm archives,” including props, models, costumes and artwork from the Star Wars films. The exhibit will be divided into three major themes: “the origins of the characters, the influences that shape them, and the choices they make during their life.”

Right now it is unclear how exactly this exhibit will be curated or manifested, but the characters of Star Wars are generally accepted as timeless reflections of human nature … well, most of them anyway, (I’m looking at you, Jar-Jar…) so it could be really interesting to see just how this exhibit aspires to understand human nature through the lens of the Star Wars universe.

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