Star Wars Rebels finding their way into Live Action Films?


After their consistent and baffling exclusion from every cinematic Star Wars release, the Rebel Alliance could finally be making its way to the big screen. Despite their massive importance to the plot of the original trilogy, not a single Rebel has been shown on the big screen since 1977. Disney’s new Star Wars Anthology is — oh, hang on. I’m getting a note here that says Star Wars: Rebels is a popular and pretty good TV Show and I should stop being an ass. 


Showrunners Simon Kinberg and Dave Filoni are the creative force behind the show, which is essentially a creative sequel Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a long running CGI show that grew from a not-awful movie to a legitimately awesome web of political intrigue and character work, andI am told Rebels has continued the upward trend. They spoke at the recent Star Wars Celebration about the possibility of their characters making their way to the big screen, now that Star Wars is coming back to theatres in a big way. 

Dave Filoni said:

“I’ve talked to the creators of the other films going on and, you know, I’ve always made it clear if you want somebody, just let me know. They can jump over there. I don’t care. I’m all for it.”

There’s no plans for this to actually happen as of yet, but this does speak to a greater level of planning for the interconnected nature of Disney’s new Star Wars line up, surprising literally nobody who’s seen a Marvel film in the last decade.

[via /Film]