Star Wars standalone testing some awesome female leads


I’m not very interested in the main Star Wars series, but what has gotten my attention are the standalone spin-off films releasing in between the trilogy. With cooler directors, and possibly cooler stories, it’s only natural that we get some cooler additions for the lead actresses. 

According to THR, Tatiana Maslany (from Orphan Black, a show I might as well see now), Rooney Mara (wow!) are testing for the lead of the Gareth Edwards directed spin-off. Felicity Jones is also a name thrown out there, but she might be too busy. With Edwards’ spin-off releasing Dec 2016, and with Star Wars: The Force Awakens releasing this December, we’ll find out about all of this very soon. Of course all the good story stuff will remain a secret. however. 

I’m rooting for Tatiana Maslany. Rooney Mara is great, but I don’t want her tied to this stuff. She needs to make smaller, greater films. 

[via THR]