Star Wars: Visions puts the Anni in anime this September


With The Bad Batch having wrapped up its first season this past week, Star Wars and animation fanatics are going to be clamoring for their next fix, with the confirmation of anime anthology Star Wars: Visions for a September 22nd release sure to feed the sarlacc in all of us.

Featuring a collaboration of seven renowned anime studios, Visions follows in the footsteps of Star Wars animation like Genndy Tartakovsky’s original Clone Wars series, telling episodic and non-canonical tales of high style and action across the galaxy.

Animation houses like Production IG (Ghost in the Shell) and Studio Trigger (Promare) are huge names, recognizable perhaps by style alone in the new trailer for Visions. Twin Engine (Lu Over the Wall) subsidiaries Studio Colorido and Geno Studio also contribute.

Star Wars: Visions will release in multiple languages, including native Japanese as well as a full English dub; another theater in the war of dubs vs subs for anime fans to engage in.

It all looks really really good, to be frank. Star Wars purists may have some feathers ruffled at the over-the-top awesomeness on display, while anime aficionados may feel their medium to be bending to a Western audience… Meanwhile, the rest of us can enjoy lightsaber umbrella, which I officially proclaim to be one of the best Star Wars lightsabers ever.

Parasol pugilism awaits when Star Wars: Visions streams exclusively on Disney+ starting September 22nd.