Statham & Hardy for Escape from New York remake?


Remaking 80s films seems to be quite the staple nowadays. I honestly wasn’t aware of this until today but apparently Escape from New York is getting remade and Mr. Bane and Mr. Statham (Stathardy) are apparently on the shortlist to play the leads. Going the full English for an American thriller seems a bit odd and apparently this will be the start of a ll series of films. Hmm. Alright then.

Hardy in both Warrior and Bronson showed off both his physique and deep abilities, I call him part of a ‘muscular iambic pentameter’, whereas Statham just kicks people in the face for a living. Truth is I have zero faith in this project. The original Kurt Russell flick is an absolute classic that really shouldn’t be touched in my opinion.

[Source – The Daily News via The Film Stage]