Stellan Skarsgard will be floppy, unlaid in Nymphomaniac


Stellan Skarsgård has revealed a little something about his role in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, specifically that he’ll be revealing a little something else when the film hits cinemas. There’s no way I can describe it any better than the way Skarsgård relays his conversation with von Trier about the role, so here’s the quote:

“He called me a couple of months ago and said: ‘Stellan, I just want to book you for next summer, so don’t take anything else. I’m going to make a porno film and I want you to play the male lead.’ ‘Yes of course, Lars,’ I said. ‘But you will not get to fuck in the film.’ I said okay, he said, ‘But you will show your dick at the end, and it will be very floppy.’ ‘Okay Lars, I will be there, if that’s what you’re doing.'”

So there you have it. 2012 will not just be the year of Skyfall, Dark Knight Rises, Hobbit, Spider-Man and Avengers, but also Stellan Skarsgård whipping out his floppy Swedish johnson for the world to see. Charlotte Gainsbourg will co-star, probably wide-eyed and suffering all kinds of von Trier-inflicted humiliations of her own.

[via The Playlist]