Stephanie Sigman is Spectre’s latest Bond Girl


There is a new James Bond movie out this year. I’m falling over myself with excitement, and I don’t even like James Bond! Such an icon he is in my home country that the presence of a new Bond film tickles my soul in ways few franchises do, despite the fact that the fraction of good films in the franchise is perhaps 2/5. But Skyfall was one of the best of these, so spirits are high going into Spectre

Despite the fact the movie started filming in December, it turns out they’re not done revealing casting information! The latest (and possibly last) to be revealed is Stephanie Sigman, who will be playing “Estrella.” No other details have yet been released, but hey, the movie’s going to be released on the 6th of November. We can handle the anticipation.

I hope Spectre treats its Bond Girls better thank Skyfall though, we’ve had the 60s throwback interrogating the series’ indulgent tropes, the only legitimate response to that movie is to push the series into the modern era. I know, but I can dream.

[via Collider]