Stephen King novella A Good Marriage getting adapted


I stopped reading Stephen King novels years ago, so I seem to have missed this one. A Good Marriage is a novella that was released in 2010 as part of the collection Full Dark, No Stars. And now it’s going to be a movie. Peter Askins, who I have never heard of but apparently directed the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which is pretty cool.

The novella revolves around what is presumably not a good marriage (because irony), because it’s based on lies and deceit and murder and things. Basically, after years of blissful ignorance, protagonist Darcy finds out her husband is actually a serial killer named “Beadie.” Hilarity ensues and most of the characters probably end up tortured or dead.

It’s interesting when serial killers try to blend into society, and if the film takes the time to really get into the trials and tribulations of a horrific killer trying to remain calm around his wife day in and day out (and other such things), I think something really cool could come out of it.

Having not read the story or seen any films by the director, there’s too many variables for me to really get excited, but I think I’m cautiously optimistic nonetheless.

[Via Shock Till You Drop]