Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to handsome up a movie


This story, admittedly, doesn’t have a lot of substance to it, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting, to me. Comedy god Alec Baldwin and waning comedy person Steve Martin are in early but likely talks to join forces in a movie directed by Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman. The only real details on the film is that it will be “a bit of Trading Places meets Grumpy Old Men.” That could mean basically anything, really, but I’m no less excited.

If you guys caught these two hosting Saturday Night Live a little while ago, you know they are perfect working together. Baldwin’s riding high on his work in 30 Rock, which he will be leaving soon, and Steve Martin’s career needs a not-kids-movie shot in the arm like Jared Leto needs a heroin shot in the arm in Requiem for a Dream

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