Steven Spielberg is resurrecting Animaniacs for an unnamed platform


Animaniacs is getting new, original episodes according to a report by IndieWire.

Warner Bros. Animation and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television are reportedly rebooting the show sometime in the the near future. However, what’s still up in the air is the venue. No streaming service or TV channel was mentioned in regards to where these new episodes will be uploaded. Yet it seems likely that this new series may end up on the TV killer itself: Netflix.

Looking at the facts, Netflix appears to be the most logical choice. Since April 2016, the original Animaniacs has been available to stream on Netflix (which I highly recommend you do; this show only get better as you get older). Not only that, but one of Netflix’s biggest shows from last year was Fuller House, a show made in association with Warner Horizon Television. And given that Fuller House was greenlit for a second season just 4 days after it hit Netflix, it would make sense if Warner Bros. wanted to put all their eggs in the streaming basket.

Regardless of where the new Animaniacs ends up, I’m optimistic. Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell and the rest of the cast have plans to reunite with “Animaniacs Live!” shows across the U.S., and to me, that says that they’re still in love with the characters, the tongue-in-cheek humor, and the show. Hopefully we’ll learn more information soon.