Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One trailer drops at San Diego Comic Con


Ready Player One should be taught in schools across America because it’s about video games, virtual reality, pop culture, and Americans getting fat asses. You know, reality. But until national and state by state curriculums get their acts together, Steven Spielberg is directing an adaptation of Ernest Cline’s awesome novel.

Wade Watts, aka Parzival, is a virtual reality game playing teenager, on a quest within The Oasis, a virtual realm of 80s pop culture references, and … well, peep the trailer, read the book, and check out Amazon for a more succinct summary than I can provide.

I may be even more excited than I was. This definitely improves the first look image we just got. There are a few obvious references here, including the Iron Giant, Freddy Kruger, and a DeLorean. Warner Brothers, also producing Ready Player One, owns the rights to The Iron Giant and A Nightmare on Elm Street, so that’s no surprise. And you can use a car from a movie without it being a reference to the movie, hence Back to the Future‘s DeLorean, despite that being a Universal property. It will be really interesting to see what they’re able to pull in from outside their own library. Let’s hope a lot.

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