Steven Spielberg will make Indiana Jones 5 next, followed by West Side Story


Steven Spielberg likes to keep busy. So busy in fact that he’s been planning on making Indian Jones 5 for years now, but just hasn’t been able to. However, after plenty of rumors it appears, possibly, that his next film will be the adventure sequel. THR reports, in an article about casting for Spielberg’s upcoming remake of A West Side Story, that the director is tackling Indy next before moving onto that film.

Their sources say he’ll be shooting the fifth Indy movie in 2019 and hopes to release by 2020, a full 12 years after the last movie released. That’s inline with the July 20, 2020 release date that Disney was hoping for, and Harrison Ford doesn’t seem to be too busy so we’re thinking this could come true. Not if any of us actually want another Indiana Jones movie is a different conversation entirely. 

Steven Spielberg Looks for Spanish-Speaking Actors for His ‘West Side Story’ Remake [THR]


Matthew Razak
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