Steven Spielberg won’t direct Indiana Jones 5


Last we heard about the purported Indian Jones 5, its production had been delayed again, and it’s release date pushed from July 10, 2019 to July 9, 2021, apparently for good reason, for those of you keeping track of dates. It’s had some troubles in the writers room. Some sons of screenwriters were hired and fired. Some writers who wrote Solo were given a chance–bold move there. Some writers who wrote Kingdom of the Crystal Skull were given a chance too–even bolder move.

Now Steven Spielberg, the only man to ever direct a theatrically released Indiana Jones film, is stepping away from the project. Crack the whip. Variety reports that “a source close to the filmmaker [said] the decision to leave the director’s chair was entirely Spielberg’s, in a desire to pass along Indy’s whip to a new generation to bring their perspective to the story.” But, with Harrison Ford still reprising his role as Indy, why would Spielberg hand over the reigns now? Doesn’t that sound more like a move for a reboot?

While the delays in production are a surefire nuisance to fervent fans of ancient-history-professors-turned-world-adventurers, we’re still no where near the longest wait in franchise history. The original trilogy of Raiders, Temple, and Crusade all bowed in the eighties, with the later coming in ’89. Crystal Skull came nearly twenty years later in 2008. Hell, we’re not even at twelve years yet!

Don’t doubt that this film will happen. Indiana Jones is the other (albeit much smaller) half of the Lucasfilm pie that Disney bought on October 30, 2012. We’re already five Star Wars films and one television series deep since then. There’s no way that the Mouse House, Bob Iger or no Bob Iger, is not going to eat all it’s pie.

Even at age 77 Harrison Ford can still “act” alongside CGI dogs, so there’s little doubt he can throw fisticuffs with some CGI extraterrestrials when it’s revealed that the crystal skull aliens are ruled by a matured E.T.

‘Ellll-e-oooooot!’ ‘That’s Dr. Jones to you, you extraterrestrial turd!’ *Bam.* *Pow!* *CRACK!*

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