Steven Universe’s extended opening theme is the best


Over the last year, Steven Universe has blown up to magnificent proportions on Cartoon Network. It was confident enough in its long game to build a literal “universe” of well rounded characters, strong and more adult themes (as it fights against traditional gender and sexual binaries), and while somehow maintaining a perfect childlike, magical vibe. With nearly 70 episodes under its belt, I don’t blame you for not jumping in yet but you should. 

While we wait for new episodes, here’s a video folks got during San Diego Comic Con. It’s an extended version of the show’s opening theme with a little tidbit of how Steven first ended up living with the Crystal Gems. The music is just one of the many reasons the show is one of my favorites in a decade, and I just can’t wait for more. 

Steven Universe returns to Cartoon Network today at 5:30/4:30 Central! 

[via Cartoon Network]
Steven Universe Extended Theme