Steven Universe: The Movie gets a new poster and a new time period


After giving it about half a year to sit, I’m pretty happy with how Steven Universe ended. It could have tied things in a nicer bow, and the finale definitely seemed like they were trying to put all of their leftover ideas into one episode, but I think the series went out on a high note. There have been rumors that the series may be continuing for a sixth season, but I don’t know how interested I would be in it given the emotional culmination of the finale. I guess that will be decided by how much I like Steven Universe: The Movie, which will be releasing in the Fall on Cartoon Network. 

Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly released the first poster for the TV movie, with the biggest revelation from it being that we may possibly be have a time skip for the characters. Steven looks far taller and older than we last saw him in the finale, plus his beach house and Beach City are far more developed than we saw them last. The Crystal Gems are all sporting their new finale looks as well, so it’s anybody’s guess how far ahead into the future this movie will be. 

As for the antagonist, while we still don’t know who she is, she definitely is giving off a very Powerpuff Girls vibe in her design. Maybe it has something to do with the hair, but her design looks like a throwback to classic Cartoon Network character designs and a far cry away from what others would unfortunately call “Cal-Arts style.” Regardless, with the recent revelation that the movie will be a musical spearheaded by Rebecca Sugar, and with Teen Titans vs. Teen Titans GO! debuting in the Fall as well, Cartoon Network is getting a respectable lineup of original movies to bolster their network. Now if only they can revive Megas XLR

Steven Universe: The Movie will debut on Cartoon Network in the Fall of 2019.

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