Still no movie money being made but everyone is watching Tiger King


I’m dedicated here. I’m dedicated to bringing you the news of the box office even if that news is nothing. Literally nothing. I mean, there are some theaters in the USA showing things so some movie made money somewhere but no one is reporting on it. The only thing really left to talk about is streaming services, which are setting records left and right. It’s so bad that they’ve even had to cap streaming quality so they don’t break the Internet for everyone. 

That brings us to Tiger King, a true-crime series that launched on Netflix at just the right damn time to become a megahit. With everyone locked in their homes looking to binge TV the series has taken over the web and become a massive surprise hit. Sure, it may have been somewhat popular without coronvirus but without a doubt the show’s penetration into the national zeitgeist only occurred because everyone was looking for something to watch and that’s what Netflix was pushing at the time. I mean, it’s also evidently really good and weird so that helps too.

We probably won’t have a box office next week either, so I’m open to suggestions on what to write about. 

Matthew Razak
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